Handmade Ceramic Art: A 16-Step Process

Every piece is meticulously designed and handcrafted in Westmoreland, NH

What Makes My Work Different

I value originality. I don’t use stock images. My design inspiration come from my own cross-cultural experiences and influences.

I value craftsmanship and enjoy the pursuit of perfection. I believe that, if you put your heart and soul into you work, it can touch someone’s heart. I enjoy every minute of working in my studio. Each new design takes about one month to create.

I employ a unique process that combines hand carving, marching carving, hydraulic press, and compressed air to achieve intricate details and smooth lines and surfaces.

My Story

I am an artist and craftsman who specializes in ceramic art tiles with distinctive styles created from unique carving techniques and artistry. This is my story:



  • Introductory Video Published

    An introductory video about Yuan and his work has been published.

  • New design: Rice Terraces

    Rice Terraces, 6”x8”. Cone 5 white stoneware. Growing up in the mountainous region of south-western China, I was used to seeing the rice terraces around me. Only after I left home did I start appreciating the ingenuity of this thousand year...

  • Goose Pond Tileworks goes live!

    After a few months of work, Goose Pond Tileworks website is finally finished and launched!