6x8 Wildberries (Green)

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Glaze on white stoneware. Fired to 2128 degree Fahrenheit.

Every Goose Pond tile starts on the drawing board. When the design is done, the drawing gets digitized and transformed into a round of CNC carving for rough cut, and then a round of hand carving for detail cut. The carving is usually done on wood or wax blocks.

After the carving is done, silicone rubber is used to make the master tile, based on which a plaster mold with air-release is created.

Moist clay is rolled into slabs on a slab-roller, it's then cut to tile size, pressed into the plaster molds, cleaned up, stamped, ejected out of the mold, and set it to dry for 7-10 days. The tile then goes through bisque firing, glazing, and glaze firing.

Each tile takes one to two months to create from start to finish. About 20% of the tiles get thrown away during the production.

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